Wendy teaches Introductory Mandala workshops at various times throughout the year in the local Phoenix area.  This page will be updated when a new public workshop is added to her schedule.

Wendy teaches two types of Mandala workshops: one geared toward adults and one geared toward children.  She has over 15 years of experience teaching Mandala workshops.  She has taught several workshops for arthritis support groups.  She has gone into the classroom to teach 3rd graders in Phoenix.  Wendy has also taught various adult groups and children’s groups in San Jose, CA and Mesa, AZ.  If you have a special request for a private Mandala workshop for your group of adults or children in the Phoenix area, please contact Wendy at

If you or your group are feeling stressed out or bogged down by the daily grind,  a Mandala workshop can be a great way to enjoy an afternoon or evening of creative self-expression and relaxation.  Mandalas help bring us to a place of calm in the midst of our busy lives and they allow us to tap into the wisdom that resides in the deepest part of ourselves. Mandalas created in a group setting can create a powerful creative energy in the room, and that usually results in deeper meaning and insight in the mandalas.

Pricing for the Mandala workshops are based on a per-person fee, with a 5-person minimum required.  Basic art supplies will be available for use at most workshops and that cost is built into the pricing.  If groups want to reduce the per-person fee, then they can provide all the art supplies needed for their group workshop. Wendy will work with each group to tailor the right mix of art supplies and pricing.


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