Sample Questions

Sample questions for creating a mandala: 

1)    What does my intuition want me to know at this moment?

2)    What truth is in this moment, right here, right now?

3)    How can I prepare myself for the future?

4)    What am I creating in my life today?

5)    What memories of the past are obstacles for me now?

6)    What cage am I willing to step out of?

7)    What is the universe mirroring back to me?

8)    What do I need to express today?

9)    How will I move forward with all that I have learned?

10)  What is keeping me from unblocking my heart and allowing my true self to emerge?

11)   How do I embrace my self-worth?

12)   How can I open my heart to receive ALL that I am being given?

13)   How can I have more honesty in my life?

14)   How can I start releasing the light within me?

15)   What truth is my ego covering up?

16)   How can I release the fear that is being mirrored back to me?

17)   What am I afraid to express?

18)   What does my heart inspire me to draw?

19)   What is changing in ME?

20)   How can I see paradise in each moment?

21)   What door within do I need to open?

22)   How can I live more fully with grace and grit?

23)   What do I need to be healed of?

24)   What happens when I go on a treasure hunt in my Heart?

25)   What do I see within myself?

26)   How can I more fully love myself so that I can more fully love others?

27)   How can I increase my NOW moments?

28)   What does my inner child want me to know?

29)   What message am I to receive today?

30)   What does my heart want me to know about my special uniqueness?


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